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When your marriage ends, having the right divorce law firm on your side can have a significant impact on your life. Amidst the emotional chaos, accumulating paperwork, and complex legal procedures, it can be difficult to choose the best representation.

The experienced divorce attorney you choose should have the following expectations:

Understanding: Filing for divorce or legal separation is a sensitive issue. Your attorney should be someone who is caring, honest, and understanding.

Experience: Your attorney should also have litigation experience. You want someone who is skilled at advocating for their clients. While every divorce case is different, you should choose an attorney with experience litigating cases. Michele Figueroa is skilled at both negotiation and litigation and is a formidable ally to have in your corner.

Preparedness: If you decide to file for divorce or legal separation, you should choose a law firm that is prepared to take action immediately. This is your life, and the representation you choose should not delay in moving forward with your case.

Knowledge: A knowledgeable law firm understands what issues are pending with your divorce and how the law will affect those issues. Additionally, your counsel should offer you alternatives to divorce such as collaborative divorce, mediation or legal separation.

Figueroa & Associates, LLC represents clients in all areas of family law, including:

Divorce   Adoption
Collaborative Divorce   Guardianships
Child Custody   Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Child Support   Change of Domicile / Relocation
Maintenance   Paternity
Legal Separation   Modifications

The decision to file for divorce can be overwhelming. As a result, Michele K. Figueroa is here to assist you with the divorce process, organizing your affairs, resolving your dispute, and moving on with your future.


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